Sign the Pledge to be In Good Company

In Good Company is an initiative for all Lancaster County businesses to build long-term value for your community and for your business. Traveling with your peers—in good company—you’ll position your business for future success and together, we’ll distinguish Lancaster as a national leader in the good business movement.

Business Pledge for the Future

Lancaster County has a tradition of building successful businesses on strong values.

Many Lancaster business leaders have an intuitive sense of what makes a company great: being driven by values, focusing on people, and deep connection to our local community.

Even when not explicitly stated, many companies live by these ideals and these are the raw materials that are key to our current success.

However, as we look to the future, we believe we have an obligation to do more.

The landscape of business is evolving and shifting the culture of business to one that values everyone impacted by our companies including our employees, customers, suppliers, and the natural environment—alongside the owners and shareholders.

Never before have the expectations of our companies been higher, and we are excited to lean into those enhanced expectations to take an even greater responsibility for the health of our communities.

We are committed to placing Lancaster County at the forefront of this movement by intentionally aligning our business practices with the overall well-being of our community.

We acknowledge that this is a journey and the path forward is imperfect. However, we commit to traveling together—in good company—with our peers in the Lancaster business community. This shared commitment will help Lancaster stand apart as an economy where every resident can prosper.

I commit to being a part of this journey.

We are in.

    The following people and companies have pledged to do good!

  • Stacie Reidenbaugh, CEO at 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania
  • Jess Okanya Patel, Owner at AblerSoul LLC
  • Jess Okanya Patel, Owner at AblerSoul LLC
  • Jess Okanya Patel, Owner at AblerSoul LLC
  • Steven Herr, President and CEO at Advanced Metrics
  • Susan Eberly, President at Alegre Events
  • Jen Reiner, president at Align
  • Craig E Trout, Founder/President at Alpha Dog Advertising
  • Clayton Jacobs, Executive Director at Alzheimer's Association- Greater PA Chapter
  • Jim Schultz, Founder/President at Applied Educational Systems, Inc.
  • Michel Vermette, President and CEO at Armstrong Flooring
  • Michael Aukett, Customer Service Supervisor at Armstrong Flooring
  • Mr. Nobody Special, President and Executive Director at Art of Recycle
  • Mark Atlee, Partner at Atlee Hall, LLP
  • Jeff Lobach, Managing Partner & CEO at Barley Snyder
  • Will Kiefer, Executive Director at Bench Mark Program
  • Bryan Coe, President at Blackbird e-Solutions LLC
  • Maria Wirth, Managing Director at Business Owners Trade Alliance
  • Nate Scott, President & CEO at Cargas
  • Pamela Morrissey, Customer Support Manager at Cargas
  • Cynnie King, Co-Owner at CFW Careers
  • Karen Anderer, Owner at CityFolk Gallery
  • Kate Gallagher, Founder at coLAB, Inc.
  • Kate Gallagher, Founder at coLAB, Inc.
  • Susan C Blue, President and CEO at Community Services Group
  • Loren Bucklin, Vice President/CTO at ConnectedSign, LLC
  • Tim Seifarth, Owner at Earthbound Artisan LLC
  • Melisa Baez, CEO at ELUME
  • Randall Hertzler, Owner at euroSource LLC
  • Kent Hartzler, President & CEO at Everence Federal Credit Union
  • John Martin, AVP, Business Development Officer at Everence Federal Credit Union
  • Amanda & Daniel Klotz, Co-owners at Evident
  • Mike Simpson, Partner at Fetish Brewing Company
  • Deborah Brandt, Owner at Fig Industries
  • Martha Harris, Founder and CEO at Fizika Group, LLC
  • AJ Simmons, President at Fluent Business Solutions
  • Rebecca C Wood, Co-owner at Foxduck
  • Ryan Keates, Co-owner at Foxduck
  • Joshua Wood, Co-owner at Foxduck
  • Freiman Stoltzfus, Owner / Artist at Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery
  • Kristen Richards, Owner and Baker at Front Porch Baking Co.
  • Jeff Gable, owner at Gable Designs
  • Mandy Arnold, President/CEO at Gavin
  • Rick Holberg, VP of Creative Strategy and Branding at Gavin
  • Peter Kraybill, On behalf of the Partners at Gibbel Kraybill & Hess LLP
  • Joella K Gamon, Founder at Gnomesy, llc
  • Matt Hannigan, Principal and Creative Director at Goodthree
  • Walter Grudi, President at Grudi Associates
  • Nolan Foster, Founder/Manager at Gumbo LLC
  • John J. Sygielski, President at HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College (Lancaster Campus)
  • Drew Williams, COO & CMO at HairDirect
  • Heather & Nathan Kreider, Co-Owners at Hempfield Botanicals
  • Mike Shirk, CEO at High Companies
  • Margaret J. Kay, Licensed Psychologist at Independent Educational Evaluators of America, LLC
  • Joel Walker, CEO at Industrial Resolution
  • Ryan Martin, Partner at Infantree
  • Mandee Metzger, Owner & Founder at Inner Light Botanicals
  • Jonathan Coleman, Co-Founder at Intentional Tours
  • Jose Johnson, Owner at Jose Johnson Enterprises
  • John Esh, CEO at Joyland Roofing
  • Doug Kauffman, CEO at Kauffman CPA Company
  • Betsy Hasircoglu, Manager & Client Relations at Lancaster County Financial Group, LLC
  • Anna C Ramos, Chief Operating Officer at Lancaster County Workforce Development Board
  • Jan Bergen, President and CEO at Lancaster General Health
  • Harold G Ford III, President at Lancaster SHRM
  • Tyrone Miller, CEO at Lancaster Works at Assets, LLC
  • Brian D. Barnhart, Ed.D., Executive Director at Lancaster-Lebanon IU13
  • Timothy C Lapp, Co Owner/CEO at Lapp Electrical Service, Inc
  • Lane Levengood, Owner at Levengoods of Lancaster
  • Carl Lundblad, President at LINKBANCORP, Inc.
  • Brent Smith, President at LINKBANK
  • Liz Hess, Owner at Liz Hess Gallery
  • Anna Kennedy, Executive Director at LOHF
  • Michael Simmons, Partner at loKal experiences llc
  • Jesse Pellman, Partner at Longview Structures
  • Derek Dienner, Executive Producer at MAKE/FILMS
  • Heather Kreider, Owner at Makes Scents Natural Spa Line
  • Mike McMonagle, Owner at MCKLCO creative studio
  • Mark Heath, On behalf of the Partners at McKonly & Asbury at McKonly & Asbury
  • Megan Ashman, Artist & Gallery Owner at Megan Ashman Gallery LLC
  • Lauren Irwin, Staff Development Facilitator at Merakey
  • Tracy A Artus, Proprietor at Miesse Candies & Ice Cream Parlor
  • DJ Ramsay, Principal at Mighty Fine Print
  • Mike Gingerich, Founder/President at Mike Gingerich Global
  • Tim Haak, President at Mile6
  • Daniel Wubah, President at Millersville University
  • Chad McComsey, CCO at MIND Development & Design, LLC
  • Alison Pidgeon, CEO at Move Forward Counseling LLC
  • Tim Glatfelter, Owner/Gen Mgr at Mr. Bills Fresh Seafood/ The Fat Crab Cafe
  • Brianna Garber and Kent Mast, Co-Founders at NJY Films
  • Roger North, Founder/President at North Group Consultants, Inc.
  • Michael Biggerstaff, CEO at Nxtbook Media
  • Nicholas Paulukow, CEO at ONE 2 ONE inc.
  • John McGrann and Mara Creswell McGrann, Owners at Penn Stone
  • Julie Fitzpatrick, Executive Director at Pennsylvania Downtown Center, Inc.
  • Liz Hess, Owner at Pop & Perk
  • Scott Haverstick, President at Puffer Morris Real Estate Inc.
  • Noemi Garcia, Owner at Purse-N-Ality Handbag Shop
  • Joe McMonagle, President at Quality Digital Office Solutions
  • Rhonda Harrison, Founder/Owner/Operator at Queen Transportation & Consulting, LLC
  • Ben Brown, Owner at Red Rose Insurance
  • Terasa Astarita, Owner & Founder at Remedy Health Advocacy, LLC
  • Joel Snyder, Managing Principal at RGS Associates
  • Michael DeBerdine, President/CEO at Rhoads Energy
  • Jessica Rodgers, General Manager at Rodgers & Associates, Ltd.
  • Darcy Taylor, Owner / Stylist at Salon Enso
  • Gerald Ressler, Executive Director at Samaritan Counseling Center
  • Mark Reed, Owner at Shining Star Entertainment
  • Rodney Shumaker, President at ShumakerPDT
  • John Dantinne, President at Signature Catering on King, LLC and Excelsor Events, LLC
  • Ryan & Janae Dagen, Co-Owners at Speckled Hen
  • David Brown, Owner at Splits and Giggles Cafe
  • Jennie Groff, Part-owner at Stroopies, Inc. /The Lancaster Sweet Shoppe
  • Grace L Henderson, Founder/Owner at SuperNatural WellBeing, LLC
  • Lauren Spigelmyer, Founder and Executive Director at The Behavior Hub
  • Anne Kirby, Founder / Owner at The Candy Factory, Coworking In Lancaster
  • Mary Renner, President at The Digital Workshop
  • Steve Goble, Chief People Builder at the Goble Group
  • Mary Kohler, President at The H&H Group
  • John T Meeder, CO-Owner at The Holiday Inn Lancaster
  • Elizabeth Rosenfeld, Co-owner at The Inn at Pinetown
  • Terry Kraft, Founder & CEO at The Pivotal Group LLC
  • Mike Simpson, Head of School at The Stone Independent School
  • Christopher M. Conley, Creative Director at Thread Creative Co.
  • Brenda J. Riehl, Founder at Thrive Fundraising
  • Scott Fiore, President at TriStarr
  • Dr. Kristen A. Albert, President & Lead Coach at Turning Points LLC
  • Peter Barber, President at Two Dudes Painting Company
  • Greg Holsinger, President at U-GRO Learning Centres
  • Champagne Domingo, Owner at Uni-Vision Childcare
  • Srirupa Dasgupta, Founder/CEO at Upohar LLC
  • F. Underwood Awl, CEO at Vargasi and Co
  • Brianna Garber and Caitlyn Horst, Co-Founders at Verity Properties LLC
  • Vicky Darden, Owner/President at Vicky Lynne
  • Stephen Dietrich, Owner at Ville Painters, Inc.
  • Steve Adolt, President and CEO at VTZ LLC
  • Jonathan Peter Scaccia, Chief Operating Officer at Wandersman Center
  • Sandy Gambone, Business Ambassador at Water Street Mission
  • Megan Malick, Therapist, Pastor, Educator at Well Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC
  • Aileen Wigotow, Owner at Wigotow Consulting
  • Kate Hunter & Mara Clements, Founders at Women Connect
  • Karen A Loftus, Adventuress in Chief at Women's Adventure Travels
  • Steven Wolgemuth, CEO at YDOP, Digital Marketing
  • Michelle Salinas, Owner/CEO at Your Language Connection

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