Business for Good
Good for Business

The landscape of business is evolving.

Across the globe, business leaders are taking more responsibility for the impact of their companies—building a stronger, healthier society while harnessing the competitive advantage of doing good through their businesses.

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When we look to the future of business in Lancaster County, we envision a community of companies leading the way in the growing good business movement, collaborating with one another to advance innovative ideas and inspiring others to follow their example.

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We believe now is the time to solidify our community’s commitment to the good business movement, to all join together in this effort. Commit to being part of this journey and join this partnership by signing the Business Pledge for the Future.

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Let’s take it to the next level.

Once you take the first step in our shared journey by signing the Pledge, it’s time for action. The next step is to consider the overall impact of your business and measure how much it benefits the community.

Next Steps

When can I learn more?

Continue the journey of using your business for good by attending our upcoming events focused on giving you the tools, connections, and inspiration you need to succeed.