Our Open Letter on Racism

This letter states the commitment of In Good Company to dismantling racism in our businesses and in our community. As business leaders, we acknowledge the vast disparities in economic opportunity that exist in our community, and we commit to using our companies to better address these disparities through our business practices.

In Good Company—Open Letter from Lancaster County Businesses


As business leaders, we believe racism and brutality have no place in America and no place in Lancaster County. We grieve for the families, friends and communities of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others. These tragedies are but the latest chapter in a centuries-long legacy of racial injustice in our country.

“In Good Company” partners throughout Lancaster County condemn the acts of violence, hatred, racism, and injustice that Black Americans and people of color have experienced for generations and continue to experience today. We affirm the worth of every individual and pledge our support to end systemic racism in all its manifestations.

As business leaders, we also specifically acknowledge the vast disparities in economic opportunity that exist in our community. We commit to using our companies to better address these disparities through our hiring policies, our advancement opportunities, our purchasing decisions, and our pay practices. We understand that perfection will not happen overnight, but we commit to taking active steps towards improvement, always in open and honest dialogue with people of color and their allies who rightfully demand more.

Our businesses are only as strong as the communities we serve. As we look to the future, we want to do more. We have an obligation to do more. We will do more.

Take Action

We acknowledge that the list of signees below does not represent all businesses that align with this message, and it is only a start of a long journey to build meaningful inclusion in our business community. To sign and add your company’s support to this letter, email info@goodcompanylancaster.com with your affirmative response, title, and company logo.

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Jon Zuo, President

Steven R. Herr, President & CEO

Kae Kohl, President

Susan Eberly, President

Jen Reiner, President

Jim Schultz, Founder & President

Vic Grizzle, President & CEO

Michel Vermette, President & CEO

Mark C. Atlee & Jamie D. Hall, on behalf of the partners

Ben Atwater & Matt Malick, Partners

Alex Brame, Regional President, Central Pennsylvania Region

Dana Paparo, Owner / Stylist

Nate Scott, President & CEO

Crystal Weaver & Kyle Sollenberger, Co-Owners

Susan Blue, CEO, President & Owner

Deepa Balepur & Richard Wolman, Principals

Michael Walmer, CEO

Ryan Martin & Ryan Smoker, Partners

W. Kent Hartzler, President & CEO

Amanda & Daniel Klotz, Co-Owners

Deborah Brandt, Creative Director / Owner

Martha Lester Harris, President & CEO

E. Philip Wenger, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Peter Kraybill, on behalf of the partners

Matt Hannigan & Kyle Leakway, Co-Owners

Heike Martin, Owner

Heather & Nathan Kreider, Co-Owners

Mike Shirk, CEO

Brian Rinker, Market President, Eastern Region

Ryan Martin & Ryan Smoker, Partners

Mandee Metzger, Founder & Owner

Kate & Jonathan Coleman, Co-Owners

Bede Fahey, Co-Founder & Partner

J. Peter Lindquist, President

Tyrone Miller, CEO

Lane Levengood, Owner

Caroline Muraro, President

Tim Snyder & Manny Lamichane, Owners

Jesse Pellman, Partner

Lucy Dowd, Partner

Heather & Nathan Kreider, Co-Owners

Mike McMonagle, Owner & Principal

Mark Heath, on behalf of the partners

DJ Ramsay, Principal

Chad McComsey & David Zimmerman, Partners

Brianna Garber & Kent Mast, Co-Owners

Roger North, Founder and President

Michael Biggerstaff, Chief Inspiration Officer

Ashley Belsinger, Owner

Penn Ketchum, Partner

Jan L. Bergen, President & CEO

Dana Robertson & Christopher Breimhurst, Co-Founders

Stephen M. Massini, CEO

Julie Fitzpatrick, Executive Director

Terasa Astarita, Owner & Founder

Joel Snyder, Managing Principal

Jessica Rodgers, General Manager

Gerald J. Ressler, Executive Director

Kevin Murphy, President & Owner

James DeBord, President

Mark Reed, President

Rodney Shumaker, Founder & Owner

Robert M. Krasne, CEO

Jennie & Jonathan Groff, Owners

Justin Bucks, President

Anne Kirby, Founder & Art Director

Mary W. Renner, CEO

Steve Goble, Owner

Mary Kohler, President

Tony Moyer, General Manager

Shane Zimmerman, President

Jennie & Jonathan Groff, Owners

Steve Walter & Phil Weaver, Co-Owners

Joshua Funk, President & CEO

Joe Devoy, Owner

Lauren Spigelmyer, Founder

Scott Fiore & Joan Paxton, President & Chief Administrative Officer

Peter Barber, Co-Owner

Aileen Wigotow, Owner

Karen Loftus, Adventuress in Chief

Kedren Crosby, President

Steve Wolgemuth, CEO