Next Steps

You’re committed to being In Good Company.

With your commitment, we will distinguish Lancaster as a leader in the good business movement. We will look to each other for inspiration and education, and we will celebrate together as we create a better tomorrow for all people.

Measure the overall impact of your business.

When a business takes responsibility for its impact and addresses some of the issues facing our world, something amazing happens.

The business not only benefits its stakeholders—its employees, communities, customers, suppliers, and the environment… but also creates value for the business itself. The first step to doing good is to measure all the positive things your business already does.

ASSETS provides a free service to measure and benchmark the social and environmental impact of your business.

Measure What Matters

Areas to consider and continually improve upon include:

Equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Create a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace through elevating the representation of people of color, anti-racism training, proactive learning to enhance allyship, and not only speaking out against racism but following through on verbal commitments with concrete actions. Find out next steps to dismantle racism in your business here.

Dealing ethically with our suppliers and making intentional purchasing decisions.

Respect our suppliers as true partners and use the influence of our buying power in order to favor local, ethical, and diversely-owned businesses.

Investing in our employees.

Strive to ensure that our employees share in the financial success of our businesses. Examine compensation structures in order to cultivate fair and family-sustaining livelihoods and identify how best to support employee growth with training, professional advancement, and educational opportunities.

Preserving the natural environment.

We recognize that healthy businesses depend on a healthy environment. Understand and improve upon the environmental impact of our businesses ranging from our purchases to our operations to our end product.

Delivering value to our customers and advancing their well-being.

Always strive to exceed customer expectations and provide customers with products and services that keep them healthy and happy.

Generating long-term value for business owners.

Affirm the importance of long-term profitability of businesses large and small and acknowledge that operating within these enhanced expectations will produce the desired long-term benefits.

We believe business done this way is good for business and for everyone in Lancaster County.