About In Good Company

In Good Company is an invitation to all Lancaster County businesses to build long-term value for your community and for your business. Traveling with your peers—in good company—you’ll position your business for future success and together, we’ll distinguish Lancaster as a national leader in the good business movement.

The Vision

Lancaster County is stronger, healthier, and more prosperous and all citizens are thriving because we have catalyzed a network of companies committed to using their businesses for the good of the community.

The Mission

To inspire and educate businesses to positively impact their customers, suppliers, employees, and the natural environment—and to celebrate the businesses making the greatest strides toward making our community stronger.

The Pledge

The Business Pledge for the Future is our statement of commitment to using business for good. Sign the Pledge to join the partnership and begin the shared journey of making our communities and businesses stronger.

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Our Open Letter on Racism

This letter states the commitment of In Good Company to dismantling racism in our businesses and in our community. As business leaders, we acknowledge the vast disparities in economic opportunity that exist in our community, and we commit to using our companies to better address these disparities through our business practices.

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Our acknowledgment of the need for more inclusive leadership

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The Partners

The convening partners of Lancaster’s Good Business Partnership are the Lancaster Chamber, ASSETS, and the Lancaster County Community Foundation. The partnership grows every time a business signs the Pledge.